The Spiritual Poverty of the Gay Lifestyle


Luckily for all Americans the 1960’s, 70’s and afterward 80’s driven first to more noteworthy sexual opportunity and freedom – and afterward to more prominent sexual genuineness. The web blast of the most recent decade set those increases to the degree that there can probably never truly be a re-visitation of the sexual

“dim ages”.


Gays and Lesbians had truly lived before the Stonewall Riots lives of calm urgency “in the storeroom” confronting clear antagonism and constraint the entire lives.

After the STONEWALL RIOTS – our gay and lesbian siblings and sisters in general walked straight out of their storerooms and ultimately directly down MAIN STREET or FIFTH AVENUE or MARKET STREET or SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD in their merry PRIDE PARADES across North America and now over the world. Numerous gays and less significantly Lesbians need to be open about their sexual direction – while this isn’t the situation with most bisexuals – particularly upbeat bisexuals.

Before long across America there were many straightforwardly gay bars, grown-up book shops, and bathhouses in each significant North American city. Gay Community Centers grew in practically every significant North American city – spare San Francisco – where as of not long ago the network was so touchy they couldn’t open quite a middle! Gay Community Centers with time became Gay and Lesbian Centers – at that point GLBT Centers and destined to be GLBT and P – polyamory – and Q focuses – Queer.

Perhaps one fine day even the new, stylish METROSEXUALS will join the sexual minorities to party and to march!

The GAY PARADIGM – which arose because of this longing for being OPEN – was frequently fierce to the bigger straight network with a specific “WE’RE QUEER and WE’RE HERE!” component in unreasonably numerous regions of America. In the gay period before AIDS the unavoidable truth was that the gay network was commandeered by the THREE B’S who raked in huge profits – and furthermore at last executed off thousands if not great many gays. They are the BARS, the BATHS, and the BOOKSTORES. Their plan was to make FILTHY LUCRE and they did so ravenously for quite a long time. Gay people group in these early years – including their activists and columnists got reliant on these profound pockets however they also were all around very frequently trapped in the bondage of the 3 B’s AGENDA – even shrouded plan of SEEK BUT DO NOT FIND.

Indeed, even today the “playmate ideal” of the American gay network is some twenty-something twink or hunk or military sort – depicted over and over for quite a long time perpetually and everything except carelessly. This playmate ideal sort can never be trapped and gotten back to one’s bed – spare at a powerful value (escorts and models or exchange) – considerably less to one’s life and family! Billions have been and will keep on being made on the backs and knees of these 18 to long term olds who are then pushed off for the following year’s “model”. Nothing is more troubled than meeting a moderately aged towel kid at a gay shower or spa or a separated barkeep at some gay bar who transparently mourns that he was once “someone” in the gay spotlight years back.

The NOT so mystery moneymaking plan of the POWERS THAT BE in the gay network – the 3 B’s and their army of co-backstabbers was “Look for BUT DO NOT FIND”. Gay men HAD to go out as regularly as conceivable to the bars, the showers or the book shops – as they may be passing up a person or thing. Regardless of whether they discovered somebody it was and is all around regularly a single night rendezvous if not a 15 moment standup. One gay companion as of late admitted to me he had not had level gay sex since the AIDS plague was out and out (for example twenty years). While numerous gay men do discover long haul serious relationships – as the new Gay Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire – unreasonably many will entertain you with Elizabeth Taylor-esque stories of their 13 spouses and various undertakings – hardly any enduring in excess of a season or two. However, – the 3 B’s need gays “to look for yet don’t discover” – to be acceptable purchasers – great clients! I went to University of California’s Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in the mid 70’s and one straightforwardly famous gay law understudy transparently announced that his little gay bar and its 11 long haul ordinary benefactors who got the money for all their checks there paid his way through graduate school. He conceded that more than two dozen such “regulars” were transparently feted at all significant occasions and all their birthdaies to keep them as “regulars”.

Indeed, even right up ’til the present time – the GAY PARADIGM – the GAY COMMUNITY is as yet attempting to evade this “look for yet don’t discover” inflexible example. In contrast to numerous glad bisexuals – gays and even numerous Lesbians – are as yet under this spell – despite that even the significant gay mecca urban communities San Francisco and New York shut the gay showers – gay bars are half in number or half full today – yet the grown-up book shops – and recordings – and pornographers are more extravagant than any time in recent memory – gathering another yield of youthful twinks and studs for their 15 minutes of distinction each period of consistently until the cows come home. The web has been a significant aid to sexual entertainment and porn deals overall particularly in the gay “beefcake” market.


Things – to a great extent because of AIDS just as long haul developing gay and lesbian network – have changed and are changing – however the change from the “3 B’s” holding the network in its bondage has transformed into gross and rough realism when the significant showcasing masters found the Gay and Lesbian NICHE of wealthy purchasers with gigantic optional spending who were anxious to “Look for and Find” and afterward “Look for and Find” again – buyer merchandise and extravagance travel and such.

Presently by far most of the FORTUNE 500 organizations market to the Gay and Lesbian Community taking note of in their

promoting circles that the Gay and Lesbian market is one of the bigger and more wealthy fragments of the present commercial center. Gays and Lesbians who were at that point as normal American purchasers simple prey for realism and

commercialization were considerably more handily impacted when purchasing one or the other item prompted acknowledgment by either major corporate symbol, either significant world aggregate – attached with more noteworthy status and more prominent position in one’s millieu.


At long last, after this gay gathering and Pride march – at that point gay + Lesbian gathering and march – was far along – here come some invite options. The Metropolitian Community Church has been with us for quite a long time and has tried to help fill the profound craving of numerous gays and lesbians who need to find that comfort and internal harmony in a gay and Lesbian strict setting.

Numerous standard Christian chapels have grasped the gay and lesbian network in numerous effort programs as the Churchof Christ and the Unitarian/Universalists and the gay and lesbian care groups and associations inside their home houses of worship as Dignity, Integritry, and the Brethern and so forth. Islam presented “Gay Muslim” gatherings and there are numerous GLBT bunches for Jews, Buddhists, and different beliefs.

Numerous gay and lesbians have additionally investigated options in contrast to coordinated religions with New Age thinking, yoga, Scientology

furthermore, different stops on that since quite a while ago voyaged street the American quest for bliss trail.

Microcosm versus World:

Possibly gays and lesbians just at last found the standard of American life – gross, coarse realism being obliged and wheedled into increasingly more customer spending and increasingly more buyer obligation to “Look for and Find” and afterward persistently in yet an ever increasing number of rounds of narcissism and over-extravagance to “Look for and Find” over and over. Tragically there is no “silver slug” for the Gay and Lesbian people group nor American culture overall. When and where will we as a whole discover something more important, solid and significant – than purchase, purchase, purchase and then some, more, more? When?